In 2016 Aṟa Irititja received an Indigenous Languages and Arts grant from the Commonwealth Government to create an App that draws on material from the Ara Irititja archive.

The App, called Aṟa Winki No 1, is a multilingual educational tool for Aṉangu youth and an introduction to life on the APY Lands for the broader public. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. To get the app on your computer desktop please scroll to the bottom of the page at Home | Ara Iritija (

The app is divided into several sections including – Bush Foods, Art and Craft, Land Rights, Land Care, Learning, Birds and Small Creatures. Most of the audio recordings which feature in the app were made especially for it. They are varied, anecdotal stories about these topics with a variety of authentic Aṉangu voices. Every image has a recording with a transcription and translation so the app is language rich but also visually appealing.

The Books: Aṟa Winki No 1 Series

In 2019 and 2020 Aṟa Irititja received further funding from the SA Department for Education and the Central Land Council’s URM project, to produce more chapters and supporting booklets for the app. Each of the active chapters is covered by a separate bi-lingual book for use in the classroom or in the home.

To read a more in depth description of the project please go to our Bilingual Resources Stage 2 Report.