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Sources of Material
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Sources of Material

Many private individuals, families and collecting institutions have contributed archival materials for the project. These have been digitised and entered into the computer database. Some original materials have been donated and are held in secure, archival storage in Adelaide. The following collections were in the database in 2007. Since that time many more collections have been added.

APY Land Management
APY Services
Aboriginal Handcrafts
Aileen Johnson (Jennings)
Alan Morris
Alice Peucker (Job)
Alinta Day
Allan Pound
Allan Vial
Allan Wilson
Amata Crafts
Andy Kovac
Ann & Bill Davis
Anne Baird
Annie McQueen
Annis Bennett
Ara Irititja
Ara Irititja (Phil Fitzpatrick)
Ara Irititja (Unknown source)
Barbara Bills
Barbara Sayers
Beatrice Bell
Bernice Taylor
Bert Qualmann
Bill & Allison Elliott
Bill Edwards
Bob Capp
Bob Major
Bob Verburgt
Brian Butler
Bruce Cormack
Bruce Edenborough
Busbridge & Culhane
Cath Davies
Catherine Winfield
Chris Steele
Colin Stagg
Daphne Daniel
David & Jan Raff
David Abrahams
David Amery
David Driver
David Hewitt
David Moore
David Trudinger
Di James
Don & Robyn Gage
Doris Goodhand
Doug Hooper
Duguid family
Ernabella Arts
Ernabella TAFE
Fay Blackman
Faye & Noel Gardam
Fortitude Press
Frank & Mary Bennett
Frank Halls
Frank Tuppin
Fred Elliott
Fred Turvey
George Tippett
Glynn Beaton
Graham Lawton
Guthrie & Irving
HH Finlayson
Hamilton Aikin
Heather Alcorn
Helen Wiltshire
Hilda Bert
Hugh Lovesy

Ian & Anne Congdon
Ian & Isobel Tilley
Ian Baird family
Ian Falconer
Ian Knowles
Ian Spalding
Ina Scales
Indulkana School
Ivan Borgelt
JRB Love family
Jack Hanney
Jen Burden
Jill Finch
Jim & Shirley Downing
Jim Bennett
Jim Hartshorn
Jim Vickery
Joan Stell (Nielsen)
John Bucknall
John Dallwitz
John Fisk
John Fletcher
John Ford
John Langbridge
John Tregenza
John Wiley
Joy Kunia
Joyce Clarke
Julia Featherstone
Kaye Kessing
Keith Burton
Ken McGregor
Ken McKenzie
Kerry Martin (Mac Aninch)
Kevina Stewart
Len Young family
Leo Quin
Lex & Jessie Dunbar
Linda Rive
Lindsay Paddy
Lou Borgelt
Lucy Turner
Lutheran Archives (Borgelt)
Margaret Bain
Margaret Dinham
Margaret MacDonald
Maringka Burton
Mavis Hayes
Max Hart
May Eickhoff (Turvey)
Melvin Dutschke
Michelle Madigan
Mike Last
Mike Rann
Minymaku Arts and Craft
Murputja School
Museum Victoria (JRB Love)
Museum Victoria (Seeger)
NPY Women’s Council
Nancy Sheppard (Nicholson)
National Library (Aikin)
National Library (Ellison)
National Library (Terry)
National Museum (Basedow)
Nganampa Health
Noel & Phyl Wallace
Nyarapai Lyons
Olivia Colin
Owen Borgelt

PY Media
PY Media (EVTV)
Penny Miller
Peter & Valda Gratton
Peter Brokensha
Pitjantjatjara Council
Pitjantjatjara Council (Education Dept SA)
Pitjantjatjara Council (Last)
Pitjantjatjara Council (Projects)
Presbyterian Church (NSW)
Presbyterian Church (Vic)
Ramon Brown
Rhoda Jenkin
Rhonda Pan
Richard Brock
Rod Wecker
Roland Good
Ron Greaves
Ron Lister
Ron Trudinger
Ruary Bucknall
Ruth Hewitson
Ruth Hilliard (Dawkins)
SA Museum (Brumby AA42)
SA Museum (DAA)
SA Museum (Elder AA85)
SA Museum (Fry)
SA Museum (Gray)
SA Museum (Hackett)
SA Museum (Hale)
SA Museum (Tindale)
SA Museum (Various)
Sandra Ken
Shirley Gudgeon (Hill)
Sometimes & Freedman
State Electoral Office
State Library of NSW
State Library of SA (JRB Love)
State Library of SA (James Taylor)
State Library of SA (Mountford Sheard)
State Library of SA (Wallace)
Stewart Roper
Strehlow Research Centre (Ward)
Terry Martin
Tjinkuma Wells
Tony Adamson
Uniting Church (NSW)
Uniting Church (Qld)
Uniting Church (Vic)
University of Sydney (Bagot)
Ushma Scales
Ute Eickelkamp
Utju Arts
Utju Community
Vic Carell
Wally Lord
Watarru Community
Win Hilliard
Yirara College

For more information about lending and donating materials to the Ara Irititja Project, see the Overview and Frequently Asked Questions document.

Former school teacher Nancy Sheppard working on her colour slide collection prior to donating it to Ara Irititja. 10 September 1999. John Dallwitz/Ara Irititja collection.

Mary Bennett, retired missionary schoolteacher, translating students’ letters written in Pitjantjatjara language in the 1940s and 1950s. Mary’s extensive collection of original materials and her fastidious documentation were pivotal in the development of the Ara Irititja collection. 1997. Ron Lister/Ara Irititja collection.

A unique collection of painted soapstone animals in their original packaging, as donated to Ara Irititja by Max Hart. Carved and painted by the Ernabella women c1970. Max Hart collection.

Archival storage of original materials at the Ara Irititja office. They are held in separate folders under their collection names. 23 June 2004. Dora Dallwitz/Ara Irititja collection.