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Ara Irititja Software Licence
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Ara Irititja Software Licence

In recent years, Ara Irititja has served as a model for Indigenous groups outside of the APY Lands. Ara Irititja has a Cultural Archive Support service which assists other Indigenous organisations to maintain and promote their own cultural traditions. The Ara Irititja project team has guided the establishment of a number of community history and language projects drawing upon the Ara Irititja experience. There are now more than 20 separate language groups who have projects using special software called Keeping Culture Knowledge Management Software or Keeping Culture KMS. They are all benefiting from the results of the new browser/network platform development.

In the Northern Territory, this includes the NT Library Libraries and Knowledge Centres program (multiple community licences), Central Land Council (multiple licences), Tangentyere Council and Warlpiri Media. In Victoria, the Koori Heritage Trust (State-wide) has commenced the program. There is a successful program at St John of God in Broome, WA. Assistance is also being given to Ngaanyatjarra Council, Martu History and Archive Project and Juluwarlu community, all in WA. Projects have commenced at Nepabunna in SA, Armidale in NSW and Mirndiyan Gununa on Mornington Island.

John Dallwitz demonstrating Ara Irititja to the ATSIC Regional Council meeting at Marree in Northern South Australia. 5 June 1997. Bob Innes/Ara Irititja collection.