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If you are interested in volunteering with Ara Irititja, please email John Dallwitz at to discuss your skills.

I've worked with Ara Irititja for ten years and it's the most rewarding job I've ever encountered. The most worthwhile moments are to experience the enjoyment that Anangu feel when they look at family from the past and the present, and their security in knowing that their heritage is private, safe and accessible inside Ara Irititja. Ara Irititja gives Anangu the power to create their own history rather than being the subject of a stranger's historical analysis.

Julia Burke, Project Officer Ara Irititja, 2013.

Ilawanti Ungkuntjuru Ken, Paniny Mick and Julia Burke working together on the Herbert Basedow Collection at the National Museum of Australia Archives in Canberra 2010. George Serras/Ara Irititja Collection